Building a career in eSports,

When someone says they want to be in showbiz, people usually think oh, so you want to be a famous actor/actress? While that could be the case, there are also many other career opportunities like directing, producing, set design, scriptwriting, etc.

That’s pretty much the same case with eSports. If you say you want a career in eSports, most people will respond by thinking you want to be a professional gamer. Sure, there’s that route. But there are also so many other career opportunities in the eSports industry aside from being a professional gamer. Let’s take a look at some of those job possibilities.

1. Event Organizing

Tournaments, expos, and special launch events all need people to manage the event well. From negotiating and communicating with venues, planning and organizing the food and beverages throughout the events, making schedules and itineraries for top gamers, making press releases and coordinating media engagement, these all go into the behind the scenes of a smooth, memorable, and safe eSports event for everyone involved.

2. Engineers and Technicians

In setting up the stage, the network security and stability, software updates and troubleshooting, eSports will need many engineers with the know-hows and technical ability.

3. Coach

Similar to coaches for sports teams, an eSports coach would train athletes, make practice and rest schedules, encourage professional attitude and sportsmanship behavior, and providing experience and support to younger athletes. You can be a coach for eSports programs or teams in schools, communities, or game guilds.

4. Agents

You could be a managing agent for a top superstar gamers, or provide bookings for various media needs, photo and video shoots. Great agents are great negotiators of contract terms and conditions, fees, and also have a strong network to sponsorships.

5. Public Relations

Teams and individuals often have a PR specialist to advise and improve public image. This can include writing press releases and hosting press conferences, working with targeted medias or organizations to increase public awareness of the team or individual, and helping the client to maintain trust from the public.

6. Content Creators

In whatever digital media format, content creators are needed to produce materials relevant to the clients needs. Whether they are threads, blogs, microblogs, short to long videos, or any other type of digital content, they are all made by teams of people analyzing trends and content to have maximum engagement with the targeted groups.

7. Digital Marketing

Hand in hand with content creators are specialists in digital marketing to analyze campaigns and track the success of marketing efforts throughout a period of time. Are the fans of those games seeing the advertisements the game producers want them to see? Are followers of a certain pro gamer willing to also follow this other eSports athlete? What is the success rate of placing an ad on this influencer’s TikTok channel versus that other influencer’s Twitch platform? So on and so forth.

The book of eSports open much opportunity in various supporting fields, so take a look around with an open mind, get to work, and always remember to have fun.