Types of gaming platforms.

In the previous article we’ve talked about the benefits of gaming guilds. Now, let’s get down and dirty and walk through how to actually build your own gaming guild. If it sounds like a big and challenging quest, guess what: IT IS a big and challenging quest. But since when has big and challenging scare off gamers?

Step One: Vision

Have a vision. It starts with a dream, folks. How do you imagine your gaming guild to look like? What types of games will it focus on? What kind of people do you hope will join your guild? What will be the uniting philosophy/belief between the people? Work through these things in your head (tip: writing it out helps) and once you’re sure of what you want your guild to look like, then you can proceed.

Step Two: Ground Rules

Every community has ground rules that help everyone to feel safe, comfortable, and flourish. Lay down your rules for your guild. Write it out clearly. Think of issues such as behavior, language used, respectful conduct, what to do if someone gets harassed, or bullied, etc. How will your attendance work for the guild members? It’s not fun, but it’s really important to have clear ground rules, and then, to have some kind of incentive or punishment system in place so the ground rules are enforced.

Step Three: Application Process

An application form for gamers who want to be in your game guild would benefit with having these info: name, character/screen name, age, why they want to join your guild, how many hours a day do they play, what roles are they most comfortable in, what times of the day are they most active, are they members of any other game guilds, and any other information that would help you build the community in your guild.

Step Four: Leaders

So at this point you’ve set up your goals and rules, and more or less what kind of gamers you’d want to be in a community with. It’s time to think about the leaders of your guild. Who will be in charge, and of what aspects? Will the leadership be determined by voting process?

Once you’ve picked your leaders, it would be good to spend some time just to get to know them, their other passions and hobbies, and what annoys them. The leadership of your guild will make or break your guild, so invest some relationship building time with them.

Step Five: Let’s Go!

Now you’re ready to sail! Discuss with your leaders what projects you’d like to start with, and how the guild will go about completing it. Once you’ve taken that first step, know that it’s just the beginning of a long journey. Be patient. Play the long game. Be kind to your guild members, and play the heck out of that game!