What You Need to Know About Gaming Guilds

A gaming team.

Gaming in the 21st century revolves around the key factor of community, usually online on platforms like Discord. When we’re talking about GameFi and blockchain games, the success of a certain game highly depends on the communities buying into the world of the game.

Benefits of a Gaming Guild

A gaming guild provides communal connection, a place to ask questions and familiarize oneself with new features or products. For blockchain games, the guild also provides a bridge to help the player take the first steps into the blockchain. From the smallest things like opening a crypto wallet, how to make sure the account is secure, and how to get more information about new games and how to earn from those games.

Blockchain games often require an initial investment from players in the form of NFTs in order to get the most out of the game. This might be a problem for gamers that do not have that much money. To solve that, many gaming guilds provide scholarships in the form of renting out NFTs for free to players. A player that gets a scholarship in such a way is called a scholar. When scholars make money, they are then required to split the revenue with the guild.

As the market is growing at a rapid speed, many new games pop up all over the place. With new games, players don’t know whether it’s legitimate, scam, or just for a short term trend. Gaming guilds help to research first which new games are worth the time and financial investment so that players don’t have to be duped.

Gaming guilds are also a great way to attract investors looking to invest indirectly. Since high profile gaming guilds are more trustworthy, they can manage accounts, strategize buying, selling, and renting out NFTs to scholars so that the investor does not have to be involved directly in the day to day.

Gaming together.

Top Gaming Guilds

Yield Guild Games, with more than 100,000 members on Discord, has a partnership with almost 48 games per early 2022. YGG has about 4,800 scholars, some playing more than one game.

Avocado DAO has onboard more than 10,000 scholars across the game Axie Infinity and other partners. As per 2022, their management system is ready to onboard twice that amount of scholars.

The Indonesian Good Games Guild currently has a community of 250,000 members, with 1,500 active scholars and more than 50 gaming partners. Fun fact—it started as a gaming hub!

In summary, humans are social creatures—we need to build connections and thrive as a community, and the world of gaming is no different. Gaming guilds as such are there to fulfill that side of a player’s needs.