An ESports rig.

As we have explored in the previous article, the storyboard is crucial to the sucess of a project. The better the storyboard, the more clear the direction of the project. In this article, let’s look at various elements that need to be incorporated in a storyboard.

  1. Scene

In a one minute video clip, there might be anywhere from 15 up to 100 scenes for a complex clip. A scene itself is a series of sketches that represent what is happening in those scenes.

  1. Caption

Written notes are often added to the illustrations to further describe dialogue, events of the scene, and other details from the director.

  1. Shots

Camera angles and instructions are represented in the sketches or written in the caption or notes for the cameraman to follow. Various shot types include: close up, wide shot, full shot, over heads, point of view shots, and more.

  1. Characters

Storyboards will also have the characters of the story. The sketches in the storyboard doesn’t need to be great sketches of the characters. Sometimes we even see stick figure characters! The important thing is the sketches need to show the character’s movements: what they are doing, and how they are doing it. For example, is the main character taking out the gun in a slow threatening manner, or in a quick finishing off gesture?

  1. Background

The background sketches gives information as to where the scene is happening, and what the environment is like.

  1. Transitions

The transitions are shown via arrows, symbols, or written notes. Some of the many possible transitions are: fade in or out, cut, washout, and much more.

  1. Sound effects

Various sound effects and also background music are indicated so the production team knows what the director has in mind for the audio elements of the scene. Some sound designers these days also use a recent technique called audio storyboarding.

  1. Timing

How much time a certain scene takes, how much time passes between the frame, and overall production length are also detailed into the storyboard.

So here are the basic elements of a storyboard! We hope this guideline helps you in creating your own storyboard.