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So. Here you are, thinking hey maybe being a storyboard artist for a studio would be really cool. You’ve got a passion for drawing, and you love manga and anime. That’s the best start! In fact, the more comics you read and dissect, the more ideas you’ll have in your head for the storyboard you’re tasked to do. Now what are the skills you need to master in order to be a fabulous storyboard artist?

  1. Drawing

A storyboard artist will constantly be drawing, so put some serious time into your drawing lessons. Practice away with various styles of artwork. The more styles you’re able to draw, the richer your portfolio.

  1. Storytelling

What an art this is. Everything starts and ends with the storytelling. Be able to communicate the narrative written by the scriptwriters onto those panels. Make the story jump alive, grabbing the audience’s hearts and minds. Find ways to appeal to the target market’s emotions, so that there is a connection being forged through your sketches.

  1. Composition

This tip is from our very own artists. Master composition—the way in which the elements of the drawings are put together. A good grasp of the composition will give your storyboard a solid layout and structure. Understanding camera shots and angles, plus shot transitions is also important.

  1. Acting

Consider taking an acting lesson once in a while, or observe an acting class or lesson happening. This will give you insight into emotions, facial gestures, and expressions that will allow your storyboard drawings to become more realistic.

  1. Watch and read more!

Yes, you heard us! Watch more animations and read more comics! So admittedly this might not really count as a skill… because everyone can watch animes and read comics right? We’re here to tell you that the real skill needed behind this is time management. If you are not good at managing your time, then you won’t have any time to watch animations or read comics. But be disciplined, manage your tasks and schedule well, and carve out a time so that you can watch, read, learn, and keep growing, all while having a blast.

These are the 5 skills we think will help you be a fabulous storyboard artist. If you’re interested to learn more, contact Sangnila Academy! We’re excited to help you unleash your creative potential.