An ESports rig.

In the previous article we’ve talked a bit on how motion graphics industry is applicable in advertising, entertainment (video games, film, music), and social media (content creating, social media ads). But did you know that motion graphics can actually impact a lot more industries? Check some of these out and you might be surprised!


Studies show that using animated videos with motion graphics, in the language that is familiar to farmers help them to learn and improve their agricultural techniques! This is especially powerful when implied in farmers afflicted with poverty, low rates of literacy, and very limited access to education.

Imagine implementing this strategy to farmers around Indonesia, sharing with them solutions for more effective harvest in their own local languages, in a way that is engaging and easy for them to understand. When farmers are able to grow better food, everyone benefits.


In the field of healthcare, animated videos with motion graphics illustrate and explain to the general public processes that otherwise would not be able to be seen by the eye. As modern life plagues us with all kinds of new viral mutations, we all want to understand more about our own bodies, how our internal systems work, and how we can keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe.

Surely the recent pandemic is a reminder that there is still so much we need to understand about our own health. And animation and motion graphics are stepping up to be a tool to answer that need to the public.

Websites and Mobile Apps

When we talk about websites or mobile apps, people usually automatically think about UI/UX and static designs. However, most people don’t realize that even the smallest enhancements of motion graphics can highly increase the audience experience on these platforms. It’s definitely heading to that direction at the moment.

These are just examples of some sectors which also uses motion graphics designers, in addition to the obvious sectors of media and entertainment. As you can see, the motion graphic industry is rapidly growing, and being a motion graphic designer is definitely an attractive career for the next few decades.