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In this article, we’ll be covering the basics of gamification for those of you interested in understanding this concept and looking to apply gamification to your companies/organizations.

What is Gamification?

Basically, gamification is applying game mechanics into non-game environments in order to increase participation, interaction, collaboration, and ultimately achieve performance goals. Wait, you might ask. What are game mechanics? Game mechanics are the rules and rewards of the game, most likely appearing in a program of a digital platform. The rewards might be badges, points, level-ups, etc. By participating in the game mechanics, people receive feedback and progress to the next level.

When players play a game, there are a lot of emotions involved. These emotions are partially what keeps players hooked. Competitiveness, enjoyment, frustration, anger, sense of contentment, and all the array of emotions that a certain game might bring out. These dynamics are built into game mechanics. Precisely in this way, when employees of the company or learners or members of the organization participate in gamification, they will tap into these emotions and in turn it will create more engagement and motivation for them. Learning about your company’s culture becomes a fun game. Trying to service customers better become a shared goal or mission of the team. Achieving sales targets become enjoyable instead of stressful.

Value of Gamification

The main value of gamification is boosting employee motivation, loyalty, and of course, performance. But it doesn’t just end there. The gamification programs actually reveal a lot of data on how your employees or members of your organization think. What principles or ethics do they value highly, and what sparks their creativity and joy? On the flip side of the coin, what do they dislike? What decreases their motivation, and eventually triggering them to quit or leave your organization? These invaluable data can be accessed via gamification.

To explore possibilities of gamification, creating gamification programs curtailed to your company or organization’s needs, and monitor the data which results, you’ll need a solid gamification vendor. In that regards, perhaps Sangnila Indonesia might be able to help you!